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Sachin Pundir

Digital Content Specialist

Transforming ideas into captivating realities

A look into my work

Explore a diverse array of photo and video content crafted to meet the unique needs of my clients. These collections showcase my work across various themes, including science, film, racing, and much more. Each project reflects my commitment to create content of highest quality and creativity; tailored to tell compelling stories and capture unforgettable moments.

Lights, camera, action!


Films, microplastics, workouts, and podcasts are some of many topics I've had the pleasure of bringing to life through my lens. With extensive experience collaborating with YouTubers, scientists, business owners and major institutions, I bring unique stories and creative visions to your screens.

Discover a curated collection of some of my client videography.

Demo Reel

A visual highlight of the cinematography, videography, editing and directing work I have done in the past.

I started my career as a freelance video editor, and quickly transitioned to the world of videography. Creating beautiful compositions that convey a powerful story is what I do best. 


Written, filmed, and edited for NAIT Applied Research and their partner Heartland Polymer, this video offers an overview of the [Re]Waste project at NAIT, showcasing my versatility as a digital content specialist.


Creating an overview video for a scientific project like [Re]Waste is often challenging, requiring a more than surface-level understanding of the science and the ability to communicate it clearly to a diverse audience. What sets me apart from other creatives in my field is precisely that: my ability to translate complex topics into creative and engaging content.

Cut on action!

1.5 million+ views

I have been editing videos professionally for over a decade, collaborating with producers, influencers, creators, institutions, and small businesses to realize their creative vision. I understand that each creator has unique editing needs, and I am dedicated to meeting and exceeding those expectations.

Here are some examples of my latest client work.

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